Sorry or Thank You?

Sorry or Thank You?

Have you ever noticed how women say sorry more times than men on average. I find I say, sorry all the time and often expect others to do the same and get disappointed when they don’t.

However, what I’ve also realised is that people don’t need me to say sorry as many times as I do.
Over the last couple of years, I’ve realised that sometimes when I want to say sorry. What I need to say is thank you.

I have a big thing about being on time and so often, what I perceive as late actually is not what most people perceive as late. To me late is a minute after the time we were due to meet or the time I was due to get someone.

For instance if you feel like you need to say sorry.
“Sorry, I was late sorry”
“Sorry, I got in the way.
“Sorry I didn’t do what you expected me to do.”

How about trying thank you instead.
“Thank you for waiting for me”,
“Thank you for you patience” and
“Thank you for understanding.”

How many times will you say Thank You today?

-Hannah Jones (don’t ever ask me who she is, because I don’t know either)

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